Stephanie Outridge Field is a ceramic and multimedia artist with over thirty years professional studio and exhibition practice ranging from commissioned design development to the creation of large-scale sculptural statements for installation in major commercial and public precincts.

Stephanie has been working in the contemporary ceramics field for over 30 years. Since graduating with both undergraduate and post graduate degrees from Sydney College of the Arts in 1980 she has been committed to her ceramics practice by exhibiting in both group and solo shows in Australia and New Zealand. She has established a community ceramics workshop designing and fabricating public ceramics for corporate and government clients; been proactive in ceramics education and training in Qld and been a contributing writer to national and international publications.

She has over twenty five years expertise in the instigation, facilitation, management and co-ordination of all areas of project realisation and has established a significant reputation for excellence in her ability to liaise with project stakeholders across all sectors and tiers of process.

Stephanie is committed to her professional development and actively seeks to extend and develop her practise in both singular and collaborative projects. She has demonstrated design and fabrication skills in ceramics with a working design knowledge of metal, stone, concrete and glass amongst a broad range of public art materials and processes.

Stephanie has been involved as a public and community artist for several years and a key factor in her continuing involvement is to effectively timetable and budget projects to be responsive to the overall projects required outcomes. She has been required to prepare samples, concept drawings and maquettes as required for a variety of projects for technical review and examination and is comfortable with this component of the artists role and responsibility.

Stephanie is committed to best industry practice and always refer to relevant Australian standards for fabrication and installation of artworks for the public realm. She also oversees any work by community participants working with her to achieve the same stringent standards.

Stephanie has her own equipment and facilities currently housed at a purpose built studio in an inner Brisbane location.